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要核准大量开支表示需花好几个小时来互相迁就、说服及退让。这可能会是一段痛苦的过程,但无需如此。只要照着流程走会解除这痛苦,学习语言和流程能够成功地达成大家开心的协议。这周结束后,你将会按照流程和利用语言谈判双赢的解决之道,也能辨识出道德伦理上诡计端倪的情况,这时是表现出你诚实正直的品格。Approving a large expenditure means many hours of giving and taking, of persuading and conceding. This can be a painful process, but it doesn’t need to be. Follow a process that will take the pain away. Learn the language and the process for successfully negotiating solutions where everyone is happy. After completing this week, you’ll be able to follow a process and use the language for negotiating win-win solutions. You’ll also be able to recognize tricky ethical situations where your integrity can shine.

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