Introduction to Module III: Assessment Frameworks and Case Study

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Module III introduces learners to climate and health analytical tools and assessment methods they can use in their own local contexts, illustrating application of these tools through examples including a case study for the city of Barcelona presented by Dr. Joan Ramon Villalbi of the Barcelona Public Health Agency. Among the assessment methods highlighted are the EU Climate Adapt framework, Health Impact Assessment (HIA), and innovative approaches such as “multisolving.” Special focus is placed on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) five-step adaptive-learning framework called “Building Resilience Against Climate Effects” (BRACE), with the US state of Maryland’s application of BRACE provided as an example illustrated through an interview with Dr. Clifford Mitchell, Director in the State Public Health Department's Environment Bureau. A ten-question multiple-choice quiz provides an opportunity to verify learning, and the analytical tools discussed in this module provide guidance for completion of the final course assignment.

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