Bottom of the Pyramid 2/2

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<p>Introducing this MOOC, we asked whether electric vehicle is only for rich people in 'the North'. This chapter explicitly aims to help you to build your answers to this question. It will first discuss the possible diffusion of the electric vehicle in the Bottom-Of-Pyramid markets, that is to say the poorest (though, unfortunately, most numerous) population categories. It will then discuss the possibility for the countries in 'the South' to go straight to electric mobility, without going through the same historical development of thermal mobility as the one that countries in the North have experienced. We will therefore analyze the conditions of a leapfrogging in the field of mobility like that which has been operated in the telecommunications field where the cellular phone has been deployed in countries that have never deployed an extensive wired network.</p><p>A last interview of an expert from Groupe Renault will conclude this course on a discussion of the business model of the electric vehicle that would allow mobility for all.</p><p>Finally, you will find the graded assessment for both chapter 7 and 8 in the following section. This evaluation concerns only the videos <em>Lecture</em> and is required to obtain the certificate.</p>

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