7.3. Phenomenology of doubts about mediocrity

This week explores on the third dimension of creative life : Mediocrity. The topic is also discussed in three chapters: 1. Am I mediocrity? (intonational stress on the word “Mediocrity”), 2. I, mediocrity? (intonational stress on the word “I”), 3. I am mediocrity! (inspiring statement).We hope by this time you have formed your own opinion about two aspects of creative life that concern individuality, originality, uniqueness and distinctiveness. We proceed to the study of golden mediocrity, to universal, typical, normal and identical. Sometimes this aspect emotionally irritates those people who are not confident in their individuality. However, it is mediocrity that guarantees the majority of things that make our life predictable and comfortable. In the chapter “I, mediocrity?” we discuss doubts about our own mediocrity. What can we say about the last chapter this week? It is about the use and the danger of mediocrity. We spend most of our time doing mediocre work and thinking mediocre thoughts. It is not bad or shameful to be a mediocrity. However, it is a shame to compare mediocrities. Mediocrity is good for inner use. It is good to hide behind mediocrity. It is convenient to trade in mediocrity. It is important not to confuse it with other dimensions; it should be harmonized with them. This chapter is also the last chapter of our course.

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