Market Risk Advisory

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Syndication, project finance, Capital Market, Acquisition & Buy-Outs, Sustainability


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Sep 4, 2021

I found the course to be a very well compiled refresher. I would love to see an update with examples from more recent transactions. Overall, it was time well spent. Thank you.


Jun 23, 2019

A structured, complete and well explained course. The quizzes are demanding and require real technical knowledge learned during the training.

Thank you for this MOOC.

From the lesson

Hedging strategies

Assessing satellite risks of industrial companies (forex, interest rate,…) and available instruments to manage those risks.

Taught By

  • Placeholder

    Laurent DEVILLE

    Professor of Finance Academic Director - Masters in Finance

  • Placeholder

    Thor Thomsen

    Maritime Industry Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Domitille Barthel

    Infrastructure Finance, Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Elsa Rougier

    Export Finance Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Elodie Tarby

    Maritime Strategic & Capital Advisory Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Terence Shanahan

    Global Head of Syndication

  • Placeholder

    Emile Boustani

    Head of Asset Backed Product Uk

  • Placeholder

    Alexandre Dogos Docovitch

    Head of MRA Sales UK

  • Placeholder

    Luis Vaz Pinto

    Deputy Global Head of Corporate

  • Placeholder

    Patrick Perreault

    Co-Head of Global M&A

  • Placeholder

    Marina Mulcair

    Head of European Leveraged Loans

  • Placeholder

    Procha Goriatchkine

    Metal, Mining & Industries Analyst

  • Placeholder

    Aurélie Coulin

    Impact Based Finance Director

  • Placeholder

    Fadi Dib Garrido

    Asset Backed Product Director

  • Placeholder

    Marie Agnes Delacour

    Paris Head of Advisory & Financing Group

  • Placeholder

    Olivier Musset

    Global Head of Energy

  • Placeholder

    Andrew Menzies

    Global Co Head of DCM

  • Placeholder

    Eglantine de Muizon

    Advisory & Financing Group Director

  • Placeholder

    Federico Ossola

    Structured Finance Hedging Director

  • Placeholder

    Sandrine Enguehard

    Head of Impact Finances Solutions

  • Placeholder

    Hamid Boustanifar

    Professor of Finance

  • Placeholder

    Vincent Nobilet

    Agribusiness, Trade Commodity Finance Managing Director

  • Placeholder

    Jean-Pierre Cherbit

    Finance department - Head of France Real Estate Structured Finance

  • Placeholder

    Joanna Bantegnie

    Real Estate Structured Finance Director

  • Placeholder

    Sonia Koniuta

    Leveraged Finance Associate

  • Placeholder

    Stefania Toka

    Financing specialist

  • Placeholder

    Diane Sorasio

    Aviation Finance Vice President

  • Placeholder

    José Antonio Olano

    Global Head of Loan Syndicate

  • Placeholder

    Bas Thijwisssen

    Energy Plus Group Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Agnès Decourcelle

    Head of EMEA Project & Asset Finance

  • Placeholder

    Stefano Corbetta

    Capital Market Originator

  • Placeholder

    Olivier Lafuma

    Head of Business Operations

  • Placeholder

    Antoine Pietri

    Export Finance Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Alice Bracq

    Metal, Mining & Industries Associate

  • Placeholder

    Romain Gilloux

    Leveraged Finance, Vice President

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