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In this module, we will start your journey into being part of an end-to-end application development as a Rails/AngularJS fullstack developer intern. You will learn the technical architecture and software requirements of the targeted application you will be a part of developing. You will also get a chance to shake off any rust that may have accumulated on your Rails development skills. As a part of the technical architecture, you will learn of the various layers, technologies, libraries, and services used in the development, deployment, and operation of the targeted application. You will get an early sense that this course is "no joke" when it comes to challenges, but you will be shown a path through most of them. You may be able to skip the application installation until the end if you are using the same computer that you used in the first five (5) courses of the specialization. None of the new software installations are required for this module -- but are included in a single lesson for modularity. You will develop an end-to-end, API-to-Database, resource solution for ActiveRecord/RDBMS and Mongoid/MongoDB using Rails scaffold generator. You will establish a Git repository for this work, provision database and Rails resources on the internet for staging and production deployments, and deploy your solution to the Heroku to be accessible from the Internet. If you are a seasoned Rails developer and competent with ActiveRecord, Mongoid, and Heroku -- you may want to initially skip the review lectures, review the final Git commit for module one (1), and try your hand at the optional assignment at the end. Aside from the technical architecture lesson, this module is mostly a quick breeze through many of the topics of courses one (1) through three (3). A similar, small-scale review of courses four (4) through five (5) will be covered in the next module. Please enjoy! Also, if you have not done so already I recommend that you read the Course Overview description which provides additional context on what you will be doing in this course. To access, please click the Resources tab on the left navigation.

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