PETER discusses 2 different statements he wrote for 2 different projects.

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As Thomas Edison, the great 20th Century American inventor said, "Creativity is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration," and you can surely appreciate the meaning of that at this point in the development of your projects! In the last two weeks, you have had the opportunity to share and receive comments on your project's progress. There are no doubt questions that have been raised in your own mind about the project. There are also answers that you have found valid in regard to your goals. Use this week to create more photographs and to revise your Photographer's Statement in response to the feedback you have received from Peers. Your Capstone project pictures will be due by the end of next week, the 7th week of this Course 5. You should be making final photographs, fine tuning your Photographer's Statement, and making final decisions about which 10 pictures will comprise your final project. Be inspired!

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