1.12 Agreeing/Disagreeing In Meetings

你会从哪里开始营销一个项目或是产品?为什么要透过有效率的脑力激荡会议呢?这周你将会学到在团体中我们所扮演的角色,如何给予你的意见或是尊重地不同意他人的看法,以及激荡出营销用语和技巧,以促进产品推出有成功的表现。在这集的挑战篇中,你将会看到在激荡会议前的准备阶段等案例,如杰克趋前问布姬丽特,还有什么甚至不该做的。 Where do you start marketing with a project or product? Why with an effective brainstorming session of course! This week you’ll learn the roles we play in groups, how to give opinions or disagree respectfully and brainstorming phrases and techniques to make your product roll out a success. You’ll see examples of prepping before a brainstorming session as Jake approaches Bridget and even some what not to do’s in this episode of The Challenge.

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