2.2 市场调查的影响力 Survey Power

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你曾经做过调查吗?你会看到一案例,如生物牙膏营销团队问及路人有关他们对产品的意见。有效的简报和意见调查的是要有清晰和简单易懂的图像来开始。这一周的课程,我们将探讨曲线图,图表和问题来写强而有力的意见调查报告。在有自信地做简报之前,我们将会学习正确地解读这些图表的重要性。 Have you ever been part of a survey? You’ll see an example as the BioDent marketing team asks people from the streets opinions about their product. Effective presentations and surveys first start with clear and easy to understand visuals. In this week’s lessons we’ll explore graphs, charts and questions to create strong surveys. We’ll learn the importance of interpreting these charts and graphs accurately before presenting them with confidence.

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