Lecture 34, Part 1: AngularJS Event System

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In this module, we start by introducing the idea of Component-based architecture. We will then delve into the AngularJS component API. The component API is something that was just recently added into Angular 1 and it's not only supposed to improve your application through the use of Component-based architecture, but also prepare you for an upgrade to Angular version 2, which uses components almost exclusively. We will then learn about the AngularJS event system and how to split up our application into smaller modules that can then be glued together to produce our final application. We'll finish off the module by diving fairly deep into Routing between views in your application and, specifically, into the use of the ui-router module, which is one of the most popular open source routing solutions within the AngularJS ecosystem. In fact, it's so popular that even the main Google documentation for routing in Angular links to ui-router. Routing is a very important topic. Without it, your Single Page Application is stuck displaying just 1 view, without an elegant way to display other views.

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