Bias Variance Trade off

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Regression Analysis, Supervised Learning, Linear Regression, Ridge Regression, Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms


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Nov 15, 2020

Very well designed course, great that we could work with our own data and apply the theory. Looking forward to continue the journey.

Nov 6, 2020

Great course and very well structured. I'm really impressed with the instructor who give thorough walkthrough to the code.

From the lesson
Regression with Regularization Techniques: Ridge, LASSO, and Elastic Net
This module walks you through the theory and a few hands-on examples of regularization regressions including ridge, LASSO, and elastic net. You will realize the main pros and cons of these techniques, as well as their differences and similarities.

Taught By

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    Mark J Grover

    Digital Content Delivery Lead
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    Miguel Maldonado

    Machine Learning Curriculum Developer

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