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Bond Market, Interest Rate, Stock, Financial Markets


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Jan 31, 2020

All the instructors were very knowledgeable and used lots of real life examples to explain the theory. They were also kind of funny and turned a "stiff" topic into a lively and fascinating story.


Aug 9, 2020

This was very informative, packaged in a way that makes it easy to understand and makes the Financial Markets accessible to the common people. Thank you for putting this package together for us.

Taught By

  • Placeholder

    University of Geneva- Ines Chaieb

    SFI Associate Professor of Finance

  • Placeholder

    University of Geneva- Jonas Demaurex

    Teaching Assistant

  • Placeholder

    University of Geneva- Rajna Gibson Brandon

    SFI Senior Chaired Professor of Finance and Managing Director of the GFRI

  • Placeholder

    University of Geneva- Michel Girardin

    Lecturer in Macro-Finance - Project Leader for the "Investment Management" specialization

  • Placeholder

    University of Geneva- Martin Hoesli

    Professor of Real estate investments

  • Placeholder

    University of Geneva- Olivier Scaillet

    SFI Senior Chaired Professor of Finance and Vice-dean (research) at GSEM

  • Placeholder

    University of Geneva- Philip Valta

    SFI Assistant Professor of Finance

  • Placeholder

    Dirk Effenberger

    UBS Guest Lecturer, Head CIO Cross-Regional Investment Office

  • Placeholder

    Mark Haefele

    UBS Guest Lecturer, Global Chief Investment Officer

  • Placeholder

    Brian Nick

    UBS Guest Lecturer, Strategist

  • Placeholder

    Mike Ryan

    UBS Guest Lecturer, Chief Investment Strategist

  • Placeholder

    Simon Smiles

    UBS Guest Lecturer, Chief Investment Officer UHNW

  • Placeholder

    Themis Themistocleous

    UBS Guest Lecturer, Head European Investment Office

  • Placeholder

    Thomas Wacker

    UBS Guest Lecturer, Head CIO Credit

  • Placeholder

    Chris Wright

    UBS Guest Lecturer, Cross-Asset Strategist

  • Placeholder

    University of Geneva- Tony Berrada

    SFI Associate Professor of Finance

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