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About the Course

Imagine you're organizing a fundraising event. After the event, it is necessary to send thank-you notes to donors, but donations are hard to track since they arrive before, during and after the event, and manually sending emails to each donor would take too long. Thankfully, such manual and repetitive business processes are easy to automate, and this guided project, “Automize Business Communication using Power Automate” is for any business professional who is looking to automate any similar business task. With Power Automate, you will create a flow that can be triggered every time someone makes a donation. When you press Run, the flow will display a form with certain fields that have to be populated, such as name, e-mail, address, donation amount (or any other information we need about the donor). When the event ends, we will have a list of all the people who made donations in an Excel table. Then you will make another flow that will send thank-you notes to each donor on the list. After that, the flow will single out the people who donated the largest amounts and forward that list to the manager who can then send them a special thank-you note or a small gift. The requirement for taking this project is to have a free Microsoft account, but if you don’t have it, you can create one in just a few clicks (notes on how-to are included in this project). Since this project uses Power Automate (part of the Microsoft Power Platform), you will also need access to a free Microsoft 365 Developer Program subscription. In the first task you will be given instructions on how to sign up for it! Anyone can learn to use Power Automate regardless of their educational background! If you would like to make your life easier by automating manual, time-consuming business tasks which are hard to track, then this project is for you! Let's get started!...
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By Chander K G

Jul 19, 2022



May 21, 2022


By Richa R

May 2, 2022

somewhere i got doubt and was suck..not able to ask anyone in student support as they were not active.

By Monique M

May 30, 2022

It was a basic course but I couldn't see the entire screen and missed a very important details to continue on. Specifically I coudn't see what the "Expression Formula" written. The instructor made it seem like I should have already know what expressions were but as a beginner I didnt nor how to write one. There was a missed spelled word on the test that I thought was intentional but it was not.

By Jani B

Aug 4, 2022

This was not useful. There was zero help when troubleshooting - I went back adn watched the steps at least half a dozen times. Microsoft requires a double identification and I tried doing that and not doing it but, I think this is where the error stems from. Big waste of time.