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By the end of this project, you will build a Web App incorporating React and Redux Hooks. For the Redux architecture implementation, we will be using the Redux Toolkit since that is the recommendation from the authors of Redux. Creating a Web App using Redux simplifies state management by enforcing a unidirectional flow through the application....
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By Neeraj S

Sep 12, 2022

I found this course useful. It took me more than 2 hours. I also completed the optional extra work.

There are a number of issues with this course:

1. The course does not make a serious attempt to explain how React or Redux or how Redux Hooks work. It tells you to do certain things but fails to explain the underlying framework. For instance, the connection between action() and prepare() isn't explained. useSelector() isn't explained properly either.

2. UseState() and redux state are both used without a clarity of when each of the method should be used.

3. For somebody to truly understand this course, you need to understand how state is utilized in React. I had to read externally to benefit from this course.

4. Question 2 of the quiz is missing the right answer. I believe it is a typo because one choice is repeated twice.

5. Coursera really needs to show the date when the project was created and when it was last updated. In an era where tools and technologies are rapidly changing, you end up wasting time not knowing how current the tech is when you are learning something new. Here we don't really know whether this is based on React 18 or an earlier version.

6. The project workspace provided by Coursera is still not very useful. In this case, the video interrupts to allow you to go and do the work and then come back to it. But if you want to go to the very start, it is not clear how to do it.