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By the end of this project, you will create a simple functioning pong game using C++. In this project, you will be able to define class ball and paddle. Also, you will be able to draw the game map. Moreover, you will be able to create a game manager class which has the implementation function to move the paddle using the keyboard and another function to do the logic of the game and the direction of the ball when hitting either the ball or the paddle. In this project we’ll use codeblocks IDE which is an open source IDE and it’s very simple to write our code in , which will help us implement all the needed functions and classes that is necessary to build our game Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....
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By Evan K

May 9, 2021

Among the most painful experiences I've had on this website. Content is ok, but the presenter doesn't do a great job of explaining or demonstrating what they are doing and why. It's more like they are just saying: Write this line, now this line. They also seem to have set the video player to forcibly expand and hide the VM window, even while actively typing in the IDE. Really, really annoying stuff, since it means you have to keep forcing the split screen view again in order to code along with what was already hard to follow instruction (compounded by the instructor making a few mistakes that were only fixed with bandaid notifications that are easily missed and not super clear). It's almost like they don't actually want you to code along with them and would rather this be like some YouTube tutorial, but even then, I've had way better experiences with some of those. Three stars for effort and the fact that I could follow along. Minus two for the exceptionally frustrating user experience, presenter mistakes, and general lack of clarity/explanation in the material. I would rate this lower, but only because I paid Coursera for access to this lackluster affair and I'm angry about that, which isn't fair to the presenter and content of this project.

By Cliff W

May 12, 2021

Worth my time, but maybe not yours.

In this mini-course, the instructor builds a graphically very crude Pong game. The output to the console is all in characters, and is unbuffered, and difficult to watch for all the "noise" that comes through.

An online compiler is supplied, so in theory you'd never have to leave the website. there's some sort of time limitation for using the compiler, and I timed out, and was not permitted to use it to complete the project. That sounds bad, but in truth, I was doing it in VS2019, and this presented no problem for me.

The project is all in one file, with no use of header files. The size is such that that presents no problem. I used the project to learn about header files, and it was the perfect size to easily alter the program to do that.

The game logic and C++ programming was on a very basic level, but is presented well by the instructor. No frills, no humor, just useful information.

So, for what it is, it was worth the $10. I had hoped to learn about graphics programming, and if that's your goal, look elsewhere. If you're starting out in C++, it's worth your time.