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Absolute beginners welcome! In this guided project, we’ll draw upon 40 years of research into the best ways to introduce new programming concepts in an enjoyable but rapid manner. Many courses with titles like "Python for Beginners" really mean “Python for people who know other programming languages but are beginners at Python." This guided project will include introductory programming activities that will provide beginners the best possible foundation to continue onto other courses to learn Python programming. Note: discussion forums in guided projects such as this one are not monitored or supported by Coursera staff or instructors....
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By chris w

Jan 14, 2021

Please note! As of today (14 jan 2021) the hyperlink in the course promo that shows user review does not function....I was a bit dubious about the low rating of 3.7 but I should have been more cautious in enrolling whenever I could not access this (I purchased the course Jan11). I've tried to figure out a way to contact Coursera to let them know about this but I think they should consider a short project course titled 'How to contact someone in Coursera Help Centre' ;-)

So I took a chance on this course and I am sad to report that I did not find it to be very good at all -despite the fact that the instructor does appear to be very knowledgeable and capable but I don't think he has tested the product sufficiently prior to launch....indeed I feel that Coursera themselves should have tested it prior to authorising it on their website..maybe they did?

Here are some of the problems I experienced:

1 Practical issues: on my laptop I found it very difficult to view simultaneously the menus of the instructors computer as well as the virtual drive that I was looking at in the user window. Quite often the window was not large enough to see all the information and the sliders to move around the window seemed to be either very slow or inoperative. Indeed the screen froze on a number of occasions (I am working through a wired broadband connection and never experienced this type of difficulty before). I found much of the project to be fiddly and frustrating to do as a result.

2. I feel that the instructor has not thought out the scope of what he tried to achieve in this short project best there is a very superficial look at some elements of programming. The visual programming language that is introduced at the start (connecting blocks or modules) seemed interesting (however as above the program kept glitching whenever I tried to drag a block into the window..very frustrating)..and I feel it would have been better to continue in this environment rather than trying to -again superficially- trying to introduce the 'Rhyme' coding environment.

3. At the end of the project you are not given any information on how to access either of the two programming environments, neither given any pointers towards how you can practice of develop the skills that you -may- have learnt further.

4. I really think a beginner would struggle at the pace at which the information is given...I know you can pause the instructors commentary but it becomes irritating if that is every few seconds.

OK so here are some positives:

1 The explanation of what is a variable and how loops and conditional statements are executed was well done.

2. The instructors voice is easy to understand.

3. As I said above the instructor is obviously very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject but I think he needs to rethink what he is trying to achieve in such a short space of time.

4. Finally, kudos to anyone who tries to teach and is a noble pursuit! but I feel that this course should be much better than it is at the moment.

By Henrique A

Dec 28, 2020

very eazy to learn! 10/10

By parvatam a s 3

Apr 8, 2021

it is just right for beginners who have no knowledge of python.I myself had little bit of knowledge in C++ and thus helped me to understand the functions in a better way.

By Christelle E

Dec 13, 2020

It's a perfect course for advanced beginners with a visual part to understand the concepts and the possibility of doing the exercises yourself along with the trainer.

By Matthew N

Mar 13, 2021

Interesting way to begin learning Python with a hands-on approach.

By Jonathan A

Feb 18, 2021

Very basic. Excellent for someone on their first day.

By tech m a

May 3, 2021



Jan 4, 2021

very bad

this course should be taken out of this program

the title is misleading

i demand a refund

By Manuel R G

Mar 4, 2021

Too simple. It is not applicable to Python, but rather a guide to programming basics.

By Erika A

Jan 26, 2021

I mean I passed but it was a lot of mumbo jumbo for a beginner