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About the Course

This is a gentle introduction to logical programming language Prolog using web front-end Swish which lets you dive in without needing to install any software. The course starts by comparing Prolog to SQL as a relational database query language. Some knowledge of SQL will help, but only a simple understanding of tables is required. Next we cover things Prolog can do but SQL can't, such as deductive databases. The course concludes by briefly introducing how Prolog can be used as a graph database language. It includes a lot of optional background for those interested in delving deeper. But for those who just want a quick taste of a programing language very different to the mainstream, it can be done in under two hours. This Guided Project was created by a Coursera community member....
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By Ki N C

May 5, 2021

The quiz on finding the broker approach (out of the 3 working ones) on ancestor searching is ambitious all solutions seems working identical (even the broken one). Takes a while to run multiple times on all the 4 approaches to see an edge case difference for the broken one. The question shall be more clear what "broken" means

By 刘雨曦

Apr 26, 2021

Thank you for the introduction to Prolog, I'm intrigued. This is my first community project experience, and honestly, I don't feel like there are many contents there. It basically only covers the naming rule and three logic operators. And for those materials that are in the course, it's not organized in a systematic way. For example, `:-` is used without ever being introduced. The course at its current status is less efficient and effective than reading a chapter of a Prolog book and many other video tutorial online.

By Rense L

May 11, 2021

very incomplete!