Build Sports Management System using JavaFX

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In this Guided Project, you will:

Set up the java environment and familiarise yourself with eclipse and scenebuilder

Develop FXML files in scenebuilder

Create controller classes and assign them to FXML files

Clock2 hours
CloudNo download needed
VideoSplit-screen video
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LaptopDesktop only

By the end of this project, you will create a Sport Club Management System using JavaFX. This project will give you a great push towards mastering one of the most used programming languages in the world which is Java. In this project, you will be able to identify and apply many functions and features in JavaFX using SceneBuilder, which is a third-party application used to create a JavaFX GUI easily. You will also learn how to create controller classes in Eclipse that consist of methods that control the JavaFX windows. This will help you create a functional, presentable and fully customizable GUI to your preferences. Learning and understanding JavaFX will help you progress in the programming field by creating simple Java applications.

Skills you will develop

JavafxJavaObject-Oriented Programming (OOP)app development

Learn step-by-step

In a video that plays in a split-screen with your work area, your instructor will walk you through these steps:

  1. You will be able to set your java environment and familiarize yourself with Eclipse and SceneBuilder

  2. You will be able to create a java FXML document for the main window and develop it in SceneBuilder

  3. You will be able to create a class controller for the main window

  4. You will be able to develop a Player window with a tableview and create a class controller for it

  5. You will be able to complete the player window and insert textfields and an add button to the window as well as complete the Player controller class

  6. You will be able to develop a club statistics FXML including a pie chart and a table

  7. You will be able to develop Titles and Stadium FXML windows

How Guided Projects work

Your workspace is a cloud desktop right in your browser, no download required

In a split-screen video, your instructor guides you step-by-step

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