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About the Course

In this two-hour long project-based course, you will learn Statistical Data Visualization techniques in Python. By the end of this project, you will have applied basic statistics and created statistical plots and charts using Seaborn, Plotly, and Matplotlib. This class is for learners who want to use Python for Statistical Data Visualization and Plots, and for learners who are currently taking a basic machine learning course or have already finished a machine learning course and are searching for a practical statistical data visualization project course. Also, this project provides learners with basic knowledge about statistical visualization techniques and libraries in Python and improves their skills in creating various types of charts and plots which helps them in fulfilling their career goals by adding this project to their portfolios....
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By Jarin t t

Jul 17, 2020

There would be much more code explanations. No theory has been discussed. Even the library used has not been explained. This is not helpful as all for any learner to simply run the code and see the output. Also the instructor's pronunciation is not clear. I failed to understand what he was saying. Good captions should be added rather than the auto generated once.

By Jesus M Z F

Jul 17, 2020

Excelente curso, me ha costado mucho seguir los ejercicios, pero he logrado ejecutarlos con exito. Muchas gracias profesor.

By alessandro b

Jul 17, 2020

Very Good

By Sebastian R B

Jul 14, 2020

It is not enough time to understand all the new tool that are been introduced

By Abhishek V

Sep 13, 2020

Very poor audio quality and the explanation could have be lot better.

By Akila V

Jul 27, 2020

Still more explanation needed for code


Sep 25, 2020

no explanation at all, poor audio quality , even the transcription was wrong! just some code typed.

By Sk. M F H J

Jul 27, 2020

The course was awesome

By Deepak K

Nov 2, 2020

Thank You

By aithagoni m

Jul 30, 2020


By Kristine B

Sep 7, 2020

This course presented lots of examples. My problem is that the voice of the instructor is not clear and his background is noisy. In Tasks 3 and 5, I can't understand anything. The captions are also wrong.

By Yaron K

Jan 11, 2021

Examples of visualizations using Seaborn Plotly Matplotlib, but no explanations are given of what the parameters mean or intuition about their architecture.

By Carlos R S

Aug 18, 2020

a mi parecer el proyecto no tenia una idea clara al momento de usar la extensión de el ordenador en la nube

By brinda p

Sep 13, 2020

A very impressive insight into is given regarding the existing possibilities in statistical data visualization in python. But the course didn't give me much of hands-on experience and the explanation provided was not sufficient to make me confident in coding.

By Radhakrishnan N

Feb 16, 2021

Very bad guided project. The instructor was very pathetic in the video sessions.

Not sure how this project is listed in the coursera courses. Very disappointed with the course.

I would give no stars infact but gave 1 star for the exercises alone. Just learned there is no refund policy for guided project after watching this course. I won't sign up for any guided project further. I had a plan to do more guided project.