Tell the Data Story with Survey Graphics in Google Slides

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In this Free Guided Project, you will:

Select meaningful data visualizations that will support the survey data story.

Analyze the survey data questions and responses and place them in a logical story arc.

Create survey data graphics and add concise narrative to help the data story resonate with its audience.

Showcase this hands-on experience in an interview

Clock2 hours
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“Tell me a story.” At some point, we all have either heard those words or uttered them ourselves. The strong desire to be transported and to understand through narrative is something that stays with us through adulthood and is activated in our personal and professional lives. Why are humans so profoundly impacted by stories? Studies show that narrative helps us to find meaning in information and activates a desire to connect with it. By engaging with a story, we open the door to allow the meaning of it to resonate with us. For decision-making, this translates to narrative, the story, acting as the vehicle to make data actionable. In this project, you will gain hands-on experience telling a simple data story that will connect with a professional audience. The story will be told with graphics created from survey data collected by a hypothetical company that hopes to grow their understanding of the customer experience and uncover where business opportunities may lie. You will tell your survey data story using the free-to-use presentation software Google Slides. By the end of this project, you will be able to confidently tell a data story using any presentation software. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions.


Some spreadsheet and slide software familiarity is helpful as well as the completion of the Uncover the Survey Data Story with Charts project.

Skills you will develop

Mining InsightsData Visualization (DataViz)Business IntelligenceTelling the Data StoryPresenting Survey Data

Learn step-by-step

In a video that plays in a split-screen with your work area, your instructor will walk you through these steps:

  1. Identify the hallmarks of an effective data story.

  2. Review Customer Experience (CX) and service trend survey data in Google Sheets.

  3. Access Google Slides and frame the survey data story within a presentation template.

  4. Analyze how each survey question and its responses are meaningful to the business and place survey data charts within the story outline.

  5. Add design elements and text to quickly connect the audience with the survey data story.

How Guided Projects work

Your workspace is a cloud desktop right in your browser, no download required

In a split-screen video, your instructor guides you step-by-step

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