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443 results for "Game AI Programming"

  • Status: New
  • Skills you'll gain: Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science, Tensorflow

  • Skills you'll gain: Cloud API, Cloud Computing, Cloud Platforms, Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Applications, Application Development, Cloud Infrastructure, Computer Architecture, Software Architecture, Back-End Web Development, Cloud Storage, Google App Engine, Kubernetes

  • Skills you'll gain: Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, Visualization (Computer Graphics), Algorithms, Applied Machine Learning, Machine Learning Software, Python Programming, Computer Programming, Data Science

  • Skills you'll gain: Data Analysis, Exploratory Data Analysis, Matlab, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Analysis Software, Interactive Data Visualization, Probability & Statistics, Statistical Visualization, Applied Machine Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Regression, Data Visualization Software, Plot (Graphics), Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning Software, Training, Correlation And Dependence, Data Structures, Feature Engineering, Software Visualization, Data Science

  • Coursera Project Network

    Skills you'll gain: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Python Programming

  • Placeholder

    Skills you'll gain: Data Analysis, Exploratory Data Analysis, R Programming, Computer Programming, General Statistics, Statistical Analysis, Statistical Programming, Basic Descriptive Statistics, Probability & Statistics, Regression, Data Visualization, Data Science

  • Placeholder

    Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica

    Skills you'll gain: Agile Software Development, Scrum (Software Development), Software Engineering, Application Development, Computer Programming

  • Placeholder

    Skills you'll gain: Computer Graphics, Computer Programming, Data Visualization, Plot (Graphics), Python Programming

  • Placeholder

    Skills you'll gain: Game Theory, User Experience, Design and Product, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Product Development, Software Engineering Tools, Computer Programming

  • Placeholder
    Status: Free

    Skills you'll gain: Computer Programming, Javascript, Machine Learning

  • Placeholder
    Status: Free