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  • Skills you'll gain: Python Programming, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Human Learning, R Programming, Algorithms, Data Visualization, Deep Learning, Exploratory Data Analysis, Machine Learning Algorithms, Plot (Graphics), Data Model, Statistical Machine Learning, General Statistics, Probability & Statistics, Regression, Reinforcement Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Computer Programming, Data Mining, Databases, IBM Cloud, SQL, Writing

  • Skills you'll gain: Python Programming, Computer Programming, Data Analysis

  • Skills you'll gain: Data Analysis, R Programming, SQL, Spreadsheet Software, Business Analysis, Business Communication, Data Visualization, Data Management, General Statistics, Big Data, Communication, Computer Programming, Data Science, Data Visualization Software, Databases, Exploratory Data Analysis, Extract, Transform, Load, Leadership and Management, Microsoft Excel, Problem Solving, Small Data, Statistical Programming, Tableau Software

  • Skills you'll gain: Big Data, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Regression, Writing

  • Johns Hopkins University

    Skills you'll gain: R Programming, Data Analysis, Statistical Programming, Statistical Analysis, Computer Programming, Exploratory Data Analysis, General Statistics, Problem Solving, Data Analysis Software, Probability & Statistics, Computer Programming Tools, Critical Thinking, Programming Principles, Statistical Tests, Data Management, Data Structures, Statistical Machine Learning, Basic Descriptive Statistics, Algorithms, Data Model, Human Learning, Machine Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Process Analysis, Correlation And Dependence, Data Visualization, Data Visualization Software, Plot (Graphics), Regression, Computer Graphics, Applied Machine Learning, Big Data, Computational Thinking, Estimation, Extract, Transform, Load, Probability Distribution, Databases, Interactive Data Visualization, Machine Learning Software, Communication, Computer Graphic Techniques, Knitr, Natural Language Processing, Visualization (Computer Graphics), Product Development, Web Development

  • Skills you'll gain: Data Analysis, Data Management, Data Structures, Data Visualization, Databases, Python Programming, SQL, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, NoSQL, R Programming, Microsoft Excel

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    Skills you'll gain: Communication, Data Analysis, Planning, Project Management

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    University of Michigan

    Skills you'll gain: Python Programming, Data Analysis, Computer Programming, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Applied Machine Learning, Data Mining, Machine Learning Algorithms, Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistical Programming, Data Management, Extract, Transform, Load, Natural Language Processing, Critical Thinking, Statistical Machine Learning, Data Structures, Graph Theory, Network Analysis, Human Learning, Data Visualization, Network Model, Data Analysis Software, Regression, Computer Networking, General Statistics, Network Architecture, Plot (Graphics), Visualization (Computer Graphics), Computer Graphics

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    Coursera Project Network

    Skills you'll gain: Computer Programming, Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Python Programming

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    Skills you'll gain: Cloud Computing, Computer Programming, Databases, Python Programming, SQL

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    Skills you'll gain: Data Science, R Programming, Data Analysis, Data Model, Machine Learning, Python Programming, Statistical Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Computer Programming, Data Mining, Databases, Deep Learning, IBM Cloud, Regression, SQL, Writing

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    Duke University

    Skills you'll gain: Data Analysis, General Statistics, Probability & Statistics, Problem Solving, Statistical Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Calculus, Critical Thinking