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Build job-relevant skills in under 2 hours with hands-on tutorials.
Learn from top instructors with graded assignments, videos, and discussion forums.
Learn a new tool or skill in an interactive, hands-on environment.
Get in-depth knowledge of a subject by completing a series of courses and projects.
Earn career credentials from industry leaders that demonstrate your expertise.
Earn your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree online for a fraction of the cost of in-person learning.

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  • Skills you'll gain: Python Programming, Computer Programming, Data Analysis

  • Status: Free

    University of Maryland, College Park

    Skills you'll gain: Cyberattacks, Human Computer Interaction, Network Security, Security Engineering, Security Strategy, Computer Security Models, Leadership and Management, Risk Management, Software Security, Correlation And Dependence

  • Status: Free

    Stanford University

    Skills you'll gain: General Statistics, Probability & Statistics, Statistical Analysis, Critical Thinking, Basic Descriptive Statistics, Data Analysis, Statistical Tests, Mathematics, Problem Solving, Statistical Visualization

  • Skills you'll gain: Linux

  • Skills you'll gain: Front-End Web Development, HTML and CSS, Javascript, Web Development

  • Status: Free

    Stanford University

    Skills you'll gain: Algorithms, Cryptography, Mathematics, Security Engineering, Theoretical Computer Science, Probability & Statistics, Critical Thinking, Mathematical Theory & Analysis, Computer Security Models, System Security

  • Placeholder

    University of California San Diego

    Skills you'll gain: Data Analysis, Big Data, Data Analysis Software, Data Management, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Data Model, Data Visualization Software, Decision Making

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    Coursera Project Network

    Skills you'll gain: Computer Science, Leadership and Management, Marketing, Web Design, Web Development

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    Status: New

    Skills you'll gain: Strategy

  • Placeholder

    Skills you'll gain: Javascript, Web Development, Computer Science

  • Placeholder
    Status: Free

    Skills you'll gain: Computer Programming, Python Programming, Computational Logic, Problem Solving, Programming Principles, Computer Programming Tools, Critical Thinking, Computational Thinking, Algorithms, Mathematics

  • Placeholder

    Skills you'll gain: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Python Programming