Expand Your Impact Through Workforce Development

Empower learners globally with accessible online learning, enabling them to upskill, reskill, and overcome barriers, which increases their employability, and creates a more diverse workforce.

The benefits of partnership

Partnering with Coursera means more than hosting your content on our platform. You have the opportunity to:

  • Access the world’s largest online learning community
  • Scale your impact by offering your programs to businesses, governments, and universities
  • Create high-quality learning experiences that attract advocates for your brand and product
The benefits of partnership

Reach the world



government entities


*Coursera data. Q3 2022.

Get Comprehensive Support

Whether you have existing content on a different platform or plan to start content development from scratch, we provide customized solutions and a team of experts to support you through this journey.

Content Strategy

We provide an analysis of on-platform learning trends as well as content performance and demand forecasting.

Teaching and Learning

We offer curriculum consultation, assessment design support, staff onboarding, and content review services to align with research-backed best practices for teaching online.

Content Production

We support the production of your high-value learning content from design to launch via our in-house experts and vendor network.

Technical Account Management

Our technical account management team offers tailored support through product education, consulting, and project management services.


We amplify your marketing efforts with our SEO expertise, industry-leading PR initiatives, AI-based onsite promotions, and comprehensive analytics.

Data-driven insights

Track marketing data, content performance, and learner behavior with a comprehensive list of on-demand dashboards:

  • Organization and course level enrollment, marketing, and revenue dashboards
  • Learner progress, demographic, and retention data
  • Actionable insights to enhance content quality
Data-driven insights

Tools and integrations for job-relevant training

Teach learners technical skills with Coursera Labs, our on-platform, cloud-based solution of over 2,000 projects. We support your softwares and tools of choice to help learners get job-ready and develop in-demand skills.

Tools and integrations for job-relevant training

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