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Expand your reach and offer your bachelor’s and master’s programs online to millions of learners worldwide who can benefit from the increased flexibility and accessibility made possible by Coursera’s platform.


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Maximize impact with innovation

Coursera’s degree model focuses on three pillars proven to drive success for higher education institutions:

Broaden your reach

Leverage a highly effective and efficient recruitment engine by giving 113 million learners and 7,500 organizations access to your online degree programs.

Create stackable content

Create courses that stack into your degree programs. Enable learners to try out a discipline, make a decision about program fit, and build confidence.

Provide data-driven teaching at scale

Create and deliver degrees on a platform that enables faculty, students, and programs to succeed with scalable content authoring, grading, and AI-driven student interventions.

Partnering for success

Our partnership model amplifies your content expertise while offering one of the lowest service fees for online degree programs.

  • Uphold academic rigor with university-led content authoring and guidance from our online teaching and learning experts.
  • Get end-to-end program support from content development to student services.
  • Leverage Coursera-led marketing and recruitment to reduce your marketing budget.
  • Benefit from a tiered service model that rewards your institution as your degrees grow and scale.
Partnering for success

Boost student job outcomes

Enhance student employability and modernize your curriculum with Coursera for Campus.

  • Prepare students for high-growth careers with world-class content and professional certificate programs as well as job-based learning programs, and hands-on projects.
  • Ensure consistently relevant curricula by integrating emerging technology with online content from top universities and industry educators.
Boost student job outcomes


With one of the largest online learner communities in the world, Coursera is uniquely positioned to increase the reach and accessibility of your degree programs. We complement your expertise in teaching and learning with efficient marketing and student recruitment services, innovative learning pathways that attract students from all backgrounds, and the option to create different learning opportunities based on your degree curriculum for a broader audience.

Your university retains ownership of intellectual property rights to content and degrees that you create on Coursera.

There is no cost associated with becoming a Coursera University Partner.

Your faculty, instructional design, and tech teams will be supported end-to-end by Coursera’s Teaching and Learning team to develop courses for your degree program. We also provide curriculum consultation, assessment design support, staff onboarding, vendor identification and training, and content review services to align with research-backed best practices for teaching online.

You can receive support for media placements, email promotion and nurture campaigns, on-platform promotions, paid advertisements, and enrollment consultation as needed. You can find more information about our approach to marketing and recruitment here.

Become a University Partner and bring your degrees to the world