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Easy and efficient course authoring

With Coursera's content import solutions, your team could reduce time spent on course authoring by up to 67%.

  • Reuse content from your LMS or local repositories.
  • Easily repurpose course materials you’ve already created: lectures, quizzes, videos and more.
  • Reduce course authoring time and efficiently bring your courses to millions of new learners on Coursera.

Without this capability, I highly doubt that the course would be as far along as it is today. This capability could be a game changer to how quickly we can have a course ready!

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Lauri Morrow
Asst. Director, Instructional Design, University of North Texas

Uphold academic integrity

Preserve the academic integrity of your degrees on Coursera with our plagiarism prevention features such as disabling URL sharing, randomizing assessments using Question Banks, anonymizing peer reviews, and more.

[Question Banks is] a very useful and powerful tool for online degree courses. I can’t wait to recommend this to our professors so they can create exams with ease.

Juan Pablo Reyes
Senior Developer and Lecturer/Professor, Universidad de Los Andes

Integrate hands-on learning

Provide hands-on learning through Coursera Labs, a suite of over 2,000 learning experiences that use the world’s top industry tools. Learners do not need to install or configure anything on their own computers, so they can learn anywhere.

Coursera Labs allows us to efficiently offer a technical degree to students. We are able to scale without significant investments in infrastructure or a DevOps team.

University of Michigan
Christopher Brooks
Asst. Professor and Director of Learning, University of Michigan
Integrate hands-on learning

Enhance your degree program performance

Use a full suite of data-driven tools and dashboards to track content performance and student progress, and get ongoing feedback to enhance teaching and student success. Benefit from:

  • Institutional, program, and course-level enrollment and student success dashboards
  • Completion data for lectures and assignments
  • Insights on student progress and behavior that improve program performance and recruitment success
Enhance your degree program performance

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