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Building your Online Degree Program: The Coursera Guide to Best Practices

Find out what it takes to create and scale a quality online degree program from scratch, based on best practices informed by our own experience of onboarding world-class degrees, along with insights from our University Partners that have seen success with their degree programs on our platform.

Drivers of Quality in Online Learning

Using insights from over 200 million course enrollments, find out how you can increase engagement, student satisfaction, skill development, and career impact with online instruction.

Build resilient teaching models: in-person, online, and blended

Together with Duke University and the University of Michigan, Coursera has developed a set of best practices you can use to ensure high-quality student experiences and measurable learning outcomes across all learning modalities.

Benefits and efficacy

Discover learning science and data-driven insights for impactful online teaching.

Design and create your online course

Create more compelling online content with these instructional design practices from teaching and learning experts.

Pedagogy principles

Hear from our Teaching & Learning team about foundational instructional design pedagogy practices that you should include when creating online content.

Create an inclusive and equitable online learning environment

Get strategies and resources from leading educators to create a welcoming online learning environment.