Visionary Panel: Rising Stronger Out of COVID

How can institutions come together across higher education, business, and government to bridge the skill gap in a post-COVID world, and what does job-readiness look like in the economy of tomorrow? Join Leah Belsky, Coursera’s Chief Enterprise Officer, Elise Tasooji, Google’s VP, Grow with Google, Dr. May Al Taee, Abu Dhabi School of Government’s Acting Dean, and Quentin McAndrew, University of Colorado Boulder’s Asst Vice Provost and Executive Director of Innovation and Learning, for a riveting conversation in this recorded session.

This session was part of the April 2021 Coursera Conference, which brought together thousands of leaders from business, education, and government in the shared mission of building a more just world through the power of learning.


  • Leah Belsky – Chief Enterprise Officer, Coursera
  • Dr. May Al Taee – Acting Dean, Abu Dhabi School of Government
  • Dr. Quentin McAndrew – Assistant Vice Provost & Executive Director, Academic and Learning Innovation, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Elise Tasooji – VP, Grow with Google, Google