Job Skills of 2022

    As the world of work evolves and jobs become more digital-focused, understanding current and emerging skill trends is increasingly critical. In this moment, there’s a unique opportunity for businesses, governments, and universities to empower employees, workforces, and students by incorporating skills-based learning into development programs and curricula. But what skills should be prioritized?

    In this e-book, we present the fastest-growing human and digital skills of 2021. These insights offer an understanding of which skills are trending globally, and likely to remain in-demand or grow even more in 2022.

    Download the e-book to:

    • Discover the fastest-growing skills based on insights from 92 million learners, 2,000 business customers, 3,000 academic institutions, and 230 government entities
    • Learn how to build a framework for strategic skills development and measurement
    • Find out which skill trend is advancing equitable access to educational and job opportunities