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    Organizations that upskill talent have 3.4x more success in tech transformations.
    of IT hiring managers reported challenges in recruiting top talent.

    Why Technical Skills?

    Lead your competition with highly skilled tech teams

    Close the technology skills gap by developing high-performing teams with existing talent. Build in-demand capabilities and new, digital experiences to drive further innovation and competitiveness.

      "There's an increasing demand both from tech companies and non-tech companies for highly-skilled engineers to create, build and maintain high quality systems from manufacturing to product design. But growth in engineering grads has not kept pace."

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      Why Technical Skills?

      In-Demand Technology Skills

      Build a technology-proficient workforce

      Develop high performance tech teams with beginner and advanced level content, including 20+ LevelSet assessments to measure baseline skills and 50+ SkillSets to drive tech proficiency across the entire organization.

      Cloud Computing Basics for Everyone

      Skills Acquired

      • Cloud Computing

      Grow employee skills with recommended courses

      • Introduction to Cloud Computing
      • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
      • AWS Cloud Technical Essentials

      In Partnership With

      • AWS
      • Microsoft
      • IBM Logo

      Programming Basics for Everyone

      Skills Acquired

      • Computer Programming

      Grow employee skills with recommended courses

      • Introduction to XR: VR, AR, and MR Foundations
      • Smart Contracts
      • Building Web Applications in PHP

      In Partnership With

      • Unity
      • Meta logo
      • University at Buffalo
      • University of Michigan

      Web Development Basics for Everyone

      Skills Acquired

      • Web Development

      Grow employee skills with recommended courses

      • Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design
      • Introduction to HTML5
      • Responsive Website Basics: Code with HTML, CSS and Javascript

      In Partnership With

      • Duke University
      • IBM Logo
      • University of Michigan
      • UC San Diego
      • Google leader logo

      Expert Instruction

      Learn from top data professors and business leaders

      Access world-class learning experiences delivered by top professors and industry experts

      Dr. Ashwini Davison

      Director of Strategy and Transformation

      Rav Ahuja

      Global Program Director

      Nancy Wang

      CEO and Founder

      Martin Odersky

      Founder of the Scala Programming Language and Professor

      Polong Lin

      Data Scientist and Developer Advocate

      Hands-On Learning

      Engage learners with interactive technology training

      Help employees learn new technology skills faster with side-by-side interactive tutorials covering highly relevant technology skills and tools. Example tutorials include:

      • Agile Projects: Creating User Stories with Value in Taiga
      • Big-O Time Complexity in Python Code
      • Custom Prediction Routine on Google AI Platform
      Hands on Learning

      Measuring and Benchmarking

      Track the success of your learning investment

      Understand your organization’s development in key technology skills - from cloud to cybersecurity and machine learning - and build stronger competitive intelligence by understanding how your talent’s skill profiles compare against your industry.

        Measuring and benchmarking

        Fast track your technology transformation

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