Coursera Industry Skills 2021: Industry Trends and Actionable Insights


Between pandemic-related job losses and increasing forms of automation, workers across industries are experiencing massive challenges in preparing for a digital-focused future. What’s more, many companies are facing risks to rapidly recover due to rising levels of worker burnout and continuing shortages of skilled employees.

Right now is a critical moment to understand which in-demand job skills can power resilient and sustainable business growth. That’s why we’re compiling top insights, trends, and takeaways from the Industry Skills Report 2021 in this free webinar to help inform your skills strategy and planning for your organization.

Join Skills Transformation Consultants, Alison Lands and Essam Elhalhuli, along with Data Scientist, Eric Karsten, as they explore data-driven insights and industry skills trends based on Coursera’s ecosystem of 82M+ learners and 2,000 global businesses to:

  • Understand how leading industries are positioning themselves for rapid growth
  • Learn which skills are critical to pair with technology and data skills to unlock innovation
  • Get insights about common trends we’re seeing to accelerate digital transformation

Event Details:

  • Format: On-demand
  • Duration: 1 hour

Speakers Including:

Alison Lands

Skills Transformation Consultant

Dr. Essam Elhalhuli

Skills Transformation Consultant

Eric Karsten

Data Science Manager at Coursera