Unleashing Tech Innovation: How to Upskill for a Digital-First Organization

Find out how Orange’s Head of Data and AI, Steve Jarrett, is addressing the challenge of upskilling their organization as he joins Emily Sands, Coursera’s VP of Data Science, in this session on building digital-first organizations, and the challenges faced by today’s technology leaders. They’ll share best practices and strategies for upskilling workforces, and explore ways to strategically conceptualize, design, and execute a successful digital transformation plan.

This session was part of the April 2021 Coursera Conference, which brought together thousands of leaders from business, education, and government in the shared mission of building a more just world through the power of learning.


Steve Jarrett – Senior Vice President of Data and Artificial Intelligence, Orange Group

Steve runs data and AI development, infrastructure, and research globally for Orange Group. He has been a product leader and entrepreneur in AI and mobile for over 25 years, including building one of Facebook’s first strategic machine learning programs in 2013, working on the original iPod at Apple, and product managing the first mobile browser at General Magic. He has also been founding CEO of three software companies in the US and UK.

Emily Sands – Former VP, Data Science, Coursera

Emily Glassberg Sands is the former Vice President of Data Science at Coursera, the world’s leading platform for higher education. Over 77 million learners come to Coursera to advance their skills in courses and degrees offered by university and industry partners including Yale, Stanford, and Google. Emily’s team builds the statistical models and machine learning algorithms that power content discovery and scale an engaging and personalized learning experience; leads the measurement, experimentation, and inference that informs Coursera’s product and business strategy; and develops the analytical products and direct data access for the company’s university partners and enterprise customers. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard and a B.A. from Princeton. Her academic research blends experimentation, econometrics, and machine learning to understand labor markets and consumer decision-making, and has been featured in the popular press including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio. She is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Council on the New Agenda for Education and Skills.