Resources for non-U.S. students

Scholarships for non-U.S. students

Some public and private universities offer financial incentives for international students to join their programs. Most of the institutional aid available to international students is reserved for graduate study in the form of scholarships. Because it is uncommon for U.S. institutions to offer aid to undergraduate international students, such scholarships are often quite competitive. 

There are free scholarship databases as well as private, corporate, nonprofit, and government scholarship funds that serve undergraduate and graduate international students. Some scholarship databases charge fees to users, and other databases provide their services at no cost. Take a look at a few resources listed below: 

Tuition discounts based on geographic location

Some degrees on Coursera offer different price points depending on a student’s geographic location. Students from the Online Master of Data Science program from HSE University can receive 20% or 50% off tuition costs, depending on permanent residency. Learn more about the program and full list of countries. 

Another program that offers different tuition fees depending on geographic location, is the Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of London


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