Maximize your impact with blended learning

Enhance your online curriculum by leveraging Coursera for Campus content from 5,000+ courses, Specializations, Professional Certificates and Guided Projects.

Integrate Coursera content into your curriculum

  • Standalone

    Use private authoring capabilities to create courses, tailored assessments, and hands-on projects you can share with your students.

  • Blended

    Leverage Coursera for Campus' 5,000+ courses, Specializations, Professional Certificates and Guided Projects to enhance your curriculum.

  • Multi-disciplinary

    Enable students to earn certificates and build career readiness by taking courses in multiple domain areas.

Accelerate practical learning with Coursera Labs

Deliver a complete hands-on learning experience for your students with Coursera Labs. Through Guided Projects, students can master job-ready skills on real-world tools, such as Tableau, in a virtual environment with an expert. With Lab Assignments, students can demonstrate skill mastery leveraging industry-standard tools including Jupyter Notebook and RStudio.

Maximizing Impact

Integrate online and on-campus content to provide students with robust learning experiences that leverage mixed modalities.

Resources you can share with your students

Set your students up for success by sharing this collection of best practices for learning online.