Drive continuous learning with 5-10 minute videos

Give employees access to nearly 200,000 short videos and lessons from leading companies and universities so they can quickly learn new skills.

    of employees learning through Coursera for Business need to learn something specific in the next 1-4 weeks to advance their work
    Source: Coursera user research, December 2021

    Direct-Access Learning

    Offer short-form content

    Give employees quick access to video lectures so they can quickly learn what they need to, when they need to. No enrollment required.

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      World-Class Content

      Learn from the world’s leading brands and experts

      Help employees get the skills they need on the job with Coursera Clips for business, tech, data, leadership, and soft skills, authored by leading, trusted industry experts.

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        Deeper Skills

        Chart the path to more, specialized skills

        Encourage continued learning and skill development with easily digestible videos and lessons presented in the context of fuller courses

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          Drive continuous learning with 5-10 minute videos

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