Develop custom courses tailored to your business

Drive employee engagement and productivity with custom courses that include business context and industry expertise

  • Build new courses with world-class experts
  • Launch custom courses at scale
  • Increase productivity without additional resources
of pilot participants who launched a course were satisfied by the experience
of learner respondents said they were satisfied with the courses created during the pilot

Experience custom course creation at scale

Course Builder is an AI-assisted authoring tool that empowers you to easily produce custom courses using world-class content from participating partners. You'll be guided through auto-generating a course outline, adding company-specific materials, blending modules from leading experts, and more. Course Builder's flexibility and expert content makes it simple to add context, deepen relevance, drive productivity, and meet unique business needs.

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Add expertise and context to your courses

Meet your mission-critical learning needs with world-class content from participating industry and academic Coursera Partners.

  • Add organization-specific content alongside experts from Coursera’s catalog
  • Blend expert courses, items, or modules into a custom course
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Develop and launch custom courses with ease

Give your learning team the flexibility to create and tailor content for all career levels and job roles.

  • Produce new private courses specific to business needs, with invite-only access
  • Build assessments with editable AI-generated questions
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Increase productivity without additional resources

Streamline how your team builds, maintains, and updates learning resources.

  • Auto-generate outlines, descriptions, and learning objectives based on author inputs
  • Review relevant content from Coursera’s catalog
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Start creating company-relevant custom courses fueled by expert content today

Contact us for a demo to learn how you can:

  • Create custom courses with world-class content from leading industry and academic experts
  • Launch custom courses that scale
  • Increase productivity to meet learning goals without additional resources