Offer micro-credentials from leading companies

Enable your students to learn from industry professionals, earn Professional Certificates, and signal job readiness.

  • Provide content from employers including Google, Meta, IBM, and more
  • Enable role-specific training in high-growth fields
  • Empower students to build job-ready skills while learning at their own pace
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of students are more likely to enroll in degree programs that offer industry micro-credentials
Employers are 76% more likely to hire a candidate who has a Professional Certificate

Integrate industry expertise into your programs

Enhance the value of your degrees with high-quality Professional Certificates. Help your students learn in-demand skills from industry professionals and gain real-world experience for entry-level roles.

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Help students earn a role-specific Professional Certificate

Create new opportunities for students to learn targeted skills and align them to your existing learning programs. Professional Certificates help students stand out in their search and signal readiness for entry-level roles.

IT Support Specialist

  • Evaluate and troubleshoot technology issues so equipment runs smoothly.

Skill development in areas such as:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Customer Service
  • Hardware/Software Setup

Professional Certificates from leading partners:

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  • IBM Leader Logo

Cybersecurity Analyst

  • Develop strategies to protect organizations from cyber-attacks and disruptions.

Skill development in areas such as:

  • Information Security
  • Database Vulnerabilities
  • Network Security

Professional Certificates from leading partners:

  • IBM Leader Logo

Front-End Developer

  • Design and develop the look, feel, function, and user experience of a website.

Skill development in areas such as:

  • HTML and CSS
  • UI/UX Design
  • Test-Driven Development

Professional Certificates from leading partners:

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Flexible learning

Give students flexibility

Make it possible for students to learn at their own pace with 100% online courses.

Professional Certs Flexibility

If I have to pick one thing that’s the main benefit for students, I think they enjoy getting those certificates from various universities and various companies. Students add a lot of these certificates to their LinkedIn profiles, and it boosts their confidence.

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Hari K. V.
Head of Computer Science and Engineering, KL University

Offer micro-credentials from leading companies

Grow student job confidence and readiness with industry-recognized Professional Certificates.