Accelerate government team performance

  • Upskill or reskill 5 to 125 employees or citizens
  • Unlimited access to 10,250+ learning opportunities
  • Program setup and launch tools
  • Analytics and benchmarking dashboard


More productivity
Higher retention
Lower training costs

Empower teams with access to world-class content from 325+ top companies and universities

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Train your team with the all-in-one skill development solution made for 5 to 125 employees

In-Demand Skills

In-Demand Skills

Upskill or reskill in key growth areas — from tech and data to leadership

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Train leaders

Help employees develop the skills they need as they advance in their careers

World-Class Content

Offer certifications

Enable employees to earn shareable certificates

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Learning for everyone

Provide courses for every proficiency level

Rich Content Offerings

Access to full library

200,000 Clips

Learn skills for in-the-moment needs with short clips and lessons

6,755 Courses

Earn a course certificate from the world’s top instructors and universities

3,500 Guided Projects

Master new apps, tools, and processes in 2 hours or less inside side-by-side tutorials

640 Specializations

Gain proficiency in a specific career skill

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Search 10,250+ learning opportunities

Program Management

Drive successful learning

Create customized learning programs tailored to the specific needs of your employees and track their progress effortlessly.

Why Integrations

Skills Dashboard

Close your skill gaps

Track employee learning in over 100 skills, from change management and collaboration to data analysis and machine learning , to gain insights into team performance and learning strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coursera for Teams is the top solution for managing skill development objectives for smaller teams with 5 to 125 members. Coursera’s Government Plan is ideal for government organizations pursuing larger employee upskilling or workforce development programs. Both Teams and Coursera for Government offer unlimited access to 200,000 short videos, 6,755+ courses, 3,500+ Guided Projects and 640+ Specializations. The Coursera for Government plan offers additional access to LevelSets, SkillSets, Coursera Academies, and Coursera’s solutions design.

While both offerings provide unlimited access to the majority of the Coursera catalog, there are several key differences between Coursera Plus and Coursera for Teams.

Coursera Plus, a subscription-based service tailored for individual learners, is the perfect choice for those seeking personal and flexible development opportunities.

On the other hand, Coursera for Teams is a specialized B2B offering, strategically crafted to empower businesses and teams in upskilling and reskilling their workforce. Beyond the benefits provided by Coursera Plus, Coursera for Teams boasts additional features, including the capability to monitor acquired skills, assess proficiency levels, and gauge time to mastery. Furthermore, it offers exclusive access to an extensive library of nearly 200,000 short videos and lessons.

We accept payment via credit card and PayPal. Paying by invoice is also an option when purchasing more than 25 licenses. Contact sales for more information. Note that any promotional pricing is available through the credit card payment method only.

To get a full refund, submit a refund request from your Account page within 14 days of your payment. Our team will process your refund right away with no questions asked. Any certificates earned within the 14 days will be revoked if you decide to refund within that period. For additional information, see the refund policy on the Organization Help Center.

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