Case Study

Visible Alpha builds technical and leadership skills while simplifying learning program management

Visible Alpha, a financial market analysis software company, was experiencing rapid growth. The company wanted a scalable and efficient way to upskill its global teams. Turning to Coursera, Visible Alpha developed learning pathways by mapping high-quality Coursera content to various departments and job functions. The company also used Coursera to bring employees together in peer groups of learners, exchanging ideas and information to improve their roles.

By incorporating Coursera into these programs, Visible Alpha has seen:

  • 80% of employees enrolled in job-relevant, on-demand training within a year of Coursera’s launch
  • 80% of employees from Data Operations improved their proficiency in key fields related to data analysis, financial analysis, business analysis, and accounting
  • 80% of employees in Engineering improved their proficiency in computer programming, databases, theoretical computing, and software engineering

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