Case Study

ZS forges cross-training pathways and enhances skills development through Coursera

When global management and consulting firm ZS experienced accelerated 30 percent growth in one year, the company had to strengthen technical skills of its non-technical team members. The ZS Business Consulting Group suggested using Coursera for online training. Through learning cohorts called BC Hives, over 1,500 employees have engaged in specialized Coursera content and certifications, delivering real results to their clients, and realizing gains in professional development. As team members broaden their opportunities within the company, ZS reinforces its reputation as an industry leader.

By offering Coursera to their team members, ZS has seen:

  • Employees experience gains in tech fluency and professional growth.
  • Clients are better served through well-rounded teams with deep business and technical knowledge.
  • More agile staffing across diverse projects.

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