Essential Skills Playbook: Manufacturing and Automotive

For the manufacturing and automotive industry, the effects of the pandemic have heavily accelerated the need for digital innovation—helping to spark opportunities for companies to create immersive new products for consumers.

As more and more industries develop digital-based integrations and solutions, customers are beginning to expect transparent prices, seamless cross-platform experiences, and faster delivery turnarounds. So what does this mean for the manufacturing and automotive industry now and in the future?

In this playbook, explore manufacturing and automotive industry insights and get practical strategies on how to empower your organization with the skills needed to drive business impact in an evolving landscape.

Download the playbook to:

  • Learn how to shift your talent strategy to address growing demand for critical skills
  • Discover which skills automotive and manufacturing companies can focus on to gain a competitive edge
  • Identify skills most critical for innovations in connected cars and autonomous vehicles
  • Learn how data science skills can power success pre- to post-sale
  • Find out what global economic factors are causing skills shortages in automotive and manufacturing