Optimize your skills development strategy

Increase learning efficiency and impact by matching content to learner needs. Use LevelSets to:

  • Get personalized course recommendations
  • Assess your team’s baseline
  • Inform your learning ROI
higher course enrollment rate for learners who complete LevelSets
more minutes spent on learning when learners use LevelSets
more course items completed by learners who use LevelSets

Strategic Planning

Inform future talent investments

Evaluate employees’ skills to identify strengths and gaps, guide hiring initiatives, and inform future learning strategy.

The LevelSets skills assessment capability has allowed me and my team of analytical chemists to rapidly and effectively learn new skills, especially in data science, a major focus area for us. LevelSets allow everyone to evaluate their current skill level, pick the courses that are right for them and quickly leverage these new skills to solve real business problems.

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Jennifer M., PhD
Group Scientist at Procter and Gamble
Levelsets Strategic Planning

Learning ROI

Strengthen the case for skill development

Track skill progress over time against your LevelSets baseline to measure the ROI and effectiveness of learning. Analyze trends and access data insights from your Coursera dashboards.

Levelsets Learning ROI

Assess and target critical skills gaps

Measure your team's skills profile across five key skill domains to help identify critical skill gaps. With 60+ LevelSets, you can power personalized recommendations spanning across content from hands-on Guided Projects to deep Specializations.

Assess skills in the fundamentals of data analysis and insight discovery.

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Drive strategic skills development planning with LevelSets

Pinpoint your organization’s skill strengths and gaps to better target resource spending.

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