Case Study

Equifax upskills its team in data and cloud technology with Coursera

Global data, analytics, and technology company Equifax gives consumers and businesses the information they need to make major financial decisions. Equifax has undergone a cloud native transformation, which enables the company to pull data faster and ultimately help customers make decisions faster. As part of this transformation, Equifax wanted to ensure team members gained certifications in cloud technology and were skilled in business-critical data and analytics tools. Training and certifications available on Coursera supported Equifax in its goal of helping 1,000+ technical employees gain Google Cloud Certification by 2023 and boosting non-technical employees’ data and professional skills.

By offering Coursera to its workforce, Equifax has seen:

  • 80+% of learners said Coursera helped them develop professionally
  • 50+% of Coursera learners felt more connected to the company
  • 1,000+ cloud certifications earned

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