Acceleration Business Transformation

Strategies for the future workforce

The world of work has dramatically changed over the last couple of years, and socio-economic issues are riper than ever before. As our world continues to advance, it is crucial to think proactively through workforce strategies that are not just nimble but long-term, as well. The HR and business leaders need to commit to a digital learning ecosystem that helps improve how they hire, engage and retain talent, to maintain the competitive edge.

With an aim to delve deeper into these facts and trends, Coursera and ETHRWorld curated a comprehensive multimedia ebook, on Accelerate business transformation: Strategies for the Future Workforce. With this ebook we intend to put forth considerable emphasis on the challenges that the new future of work paradigm is likely to engender and identify the key learning dimensions that require immediate attention from leadership.

Get your copy today to explore:

  • Skill gaps, trends and futuristic analysis
  • Proposed solutions by industry leaders that defines the learning & skill development of the future
  • An insight into the practical implementations of the learning agenda
  • Most effective learning metrics to assess the learning impact in the hybrid work model
  • Success stories and best practices to navigate the next normal