Building an agile talent strategy with learning that works

Uncover impactful learning strategies to transform your talent

Discover game-changing insights from ten learning leaders across Southeast Asia on crafting impactful learning strategies to drive organisational change and digital transformation in a constantly evolving business landscape.

"The world of work has undergone an instrumental transformation. As a result, one of the biggest shifts that we have seen in L&D is that it has become more learner-centric. It is no longer about what as an organisation we want them to learn, but also how they learn and how they can benefit most from it. Hence, for our business, customization and personalization have become central to our learning strategy."

Kulshaan Singh, Chief Human Resources Officer of Thai Union Group

Through this e-book, discover how you can:

  • Pinpoint your organisation's skill requirements and evaluate current skill levels.
  • Showcase the value and influence of your learning initiatives.
  • Implement learning experiences that cater to each employee's needs.
  • Preserve and enhance existing talent through efficient learning approaches.
  • Develop a successful learning strategy by employing a comprehensive framework with 10 key components.

Download the e-book to learn how you can empower your workforce to learn, grow, and drive your organisation to success.