The Defining Role of CLOs in the AI Economy

Insights into building an AI-first company

As the impact of generative AI continues to transform work and accelerate employee productivity worldwide, chief learning officers (CLOs) are in a critical position as change agents, leading the adoption of AI within organizations.

By upskilling workers in high-impact technologies like generative AI, CLOs can reskill some of the 61% of workers predicted to need retraining by 2027.* At the same time, successful skills development can enable companies to tap into a potential $4.4 billion in productivity gains.**

The Defining Role of CLOs in the AI Economy, explores how CLOs can help employees grow and organizations become agile and resilient, creating an engaged workforce that achieves business goals.

In this data-informed article, you’ll learn about:

  • Employees’ rising interest in learning generative AI
  • The generative AI skills to prioritize and relevant AI courses
  • Personalizing learning, lowering costs, and expanding language access
  • Creating well-structured learning pathways for your employees

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**The economic potential of generative AI: The next productivity frontier, McKinsey, 2023