A look into Coursera for Business: Upskilling your Employees

Are you looking to transform your organisation’s talent with learning that works? Coursera’s all-in-one talent development solution helps organisations upskill and reskill their entire workforce, while helping to retain talent and deliver business impact.

In this live webinar, we will share how Coursera for Business helps organisations across different industries transform their talent. With a live demonstration of the Coursera platform, we will show how Coursera for Business can help you identify skill gaps, retain and develop talent and prove learning return on investment.

Here's why small and medium enterprises (SMEs) should join this webinar:

Cost-effective learning program: With Coursera for Business, SMEs can access world-class courses from leading universities and industry leaders in a cost-effective way. Upskill your entire workforce: Coursera's platform offers a wide range of courses and specialisations, making it easy for SMEs to upskill and reskill their entire workforce. Improve employee satisfaction: By investing in employee development, SMEs can show their employees that they value their growth and career progression, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction and motivation. Drive business impact: Coursera's Skill Development dashboard makes it easy to measure the impact of your learning investment on your organization's talent and bottom line. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how Coursera for Business can help your SME stay competitive and achieve lasting business impact. Register now!


Type: On Demand

Duration: 1 hour


Amandeep Singh Kohli

Regional Director, Asia, Coursera for Business

Nikko Aw

Solutions Consultant, Coursera for Business