Building an Effective Skills Program to Improve Employee Productivity and Performance with Generative AI

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, effective employee training and upskilling have become the bedrock of success. Generative AI has made significant strides and set new standards in the future of work, offering promising benefits at scale and the potential to revolutionize business and people-centric operations.

Recently, we partnered with HRM Asia to host a webinar to discuss how generative AI can transform businesses. Experts explored how using the right approach and applications, generative AI can go beyond improving employee productivity and organizational performance. It can create a meaningful learning experience that fosters growth and discovery.

Here are the key points discussed during this insightful session:

  • How strategic implementation of GenAI concepts can drive innovation, productivity, and efficiency within the organization.
  • Leveraging GenAI to enrich the training experience, and transition from static learning to dynamic learning pathways.
  • How to launch, sustain, and yield results from a successful enterprise-wide GenAI program.

To gain more practical insights, watch the entire session.

Speaker Details

Simon Wong

Associate Director, People Development at Singtel

Datuk Dr. Nora Manaf

Group Chief Human Capital Officer at Maybank

Amandeep Singh Kohli

Regional Director, Asia, Coursera for Business