Building Organisational Agility to Navigate Change: How to Thrive, Not Survive

The rise of remote work, hiring challenges, shrinking budgets, and emerging technologies like AI have all placed pressure on how businesses operate. This accelerated change requires increased organisational agility as workforces must learn, change, and grow quickly enough to keep up with these new threats and opportunities.

Talent transformation and L&D are key to fostering agility, enabling businesses to adopt effective strategies that encourage change and spur growth.

Listen to an incredible panel of learning custodians from Southeast Asia discuss effective strategies that leaders can put in place to enable teams to embrace change, not just brace for it.

Event Details:

Event format: On-demand webinar

Length of webinar: 1 hour


Kulshaan Singh

Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Thai Union Group PCL

Norlida Azmi

Group Chief People Officer at Axiata

Swasono Satyo

Chief Human Resources Officer at SinarMas Group

Raghav Gupta

Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Coursera