Coursera Conference 2023 Keynote

The Future of Learning and Work

This year’s inspiring conference focused on the growing demand for remote jobs—which continues to transform the global labor market—and the astonishing rise of generative AI, offering new possibilities for personalized and interactive learning.

As our CEO, Jeff Maggioncalda shared in his keynote, remote work and online learning provide a unique opportunity to level the playing field and empower individuals to succeed in a digital-first world. It’s therefore critical we provide more equal access to knowledge, skills, and credentials so everyone can access the new opportunities created by technology. Yet, remote learning and work impacts populations differently.

For example, in the world’s first study on Women and Online Learning in Emerging Markets from Coursera, the IFC, and the European Commission, we found that online learning is seen as more accessible than in-person education for women and other underserved populations. Among roughly 10,000 Coursera learners surveyed, 45% of women and 60% of women caregivers said they would have had to postpone or stop studies if online learning weren’t an option.

Watch the full keynote to discover how collaboration between leading institutions and product innovations from Coursera can drive skill development and help create a more equitable world.